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Mettle & Moxie’s coaches offer one-on-one personal training in 45 and 60 minute sessions. Fully customized programs include strength training, conditioning, mobility, and more. Our personal assistance provides the motivation, knowledge, and accountability you need to reach your individual health and fitness goals. Have a friend or family member that wants to join in? We can also accommodate semi-private sessions for 2-3 people with similar fitness goals (these sessions are 60 min).



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BUILD (formerly small group strength)

This class is designed for people with more lifting experience or those clients who have been training with us in our FOUNDATIONS program fro awhile and are ready to learn more technical lifts. BUILD is also a progressive based strength program that will use variable adjustments in duration, load, and/or volume throughout each training block. This program will use training tools like barbells and trap bars and implement training techniques for muscle strength, hypertrophy, power and endurance. We run 3 different full body BUILD classes per week (labeled as BUILD A, B, & C on the schedule). For best results, we recommend this track for clients who can consistently commit to 2 - 4 sessions per week.

Small Group Training


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This is our flagship class that started our small group class programming. This class will give you a great base of foundational strength to build from. We designed this progressive strength training class based around the 6 foundational movement patterns; squat, hinge, push, pull, lunge (single leg) and core/balance work. The class is designed to get you moving more efficiently and gaining strength and confidence in all 6 movement patterns while focusing on increasing and maintaining joint strength and mobility. We run 3 different full body workouts per week (labeled as FOUNDATIONS A, B, & C on the schedule) that run in 4 week training blocks. 



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BURN (Full Body Circuit)

This is a full body circuit based class that will challenge both your muscular endurance and aerobic conditioning. BURN will deliver functional full body exercises in timed intervals as well as accessory work to target additional bicep, tricep, shoulder and direct core training. This class also includes conditioning work to get your heart rate up like sled pushes, assault bike intervals, ball slams, battle ropes and more. We recommend this class as a supplement to your FOUNDATIONS & BUILD strength classes to round out your weekly fitness routine.

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FLOW (Mobility & Stretch)

This class is based on the principles of Functional Range Conditioning. We will focus on body awareness and strength and improve joint range of motion and control. This class will also use SMR (self-myofascial release) techniques using foam rollers and lacrosse balls for trigger point tissue release prior to our direct mobility training. Each class will be focused around a certain focus area (hips, knees/ankles, shoulder, spine). You will be challenged to ACTIVELY move through your flexibility and taught how to develop neurological strength at the outer limits of your mobility. Ranges of motion you typically never train will become more easily accessible, leaving you with actual ownership of your movement potential.

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