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Mettle & Moxie’s Personal Trainers offer one-on-one personal training in 45 and 60 minute sessions. Fully customized programs include strength training, conditioning, mobility, and more. Our personal assistance provides the motivation, knowledge, and accountability you need to reach your individual health and fitness goals. 


Your Fitness Journey

Have a friend or loved one who wants to join in on the fun? Mettle & Moxie also offers semi-private sessions for two to three individuals with similar fitness levels and goals.



Mettle & Moxie is excited to offer ‘FOUNDATIONS,’ our new small group strength training class. Our Foundations program is designed to get you moving well in all planes of motion, increase mobility and build a solid base of strength, conditioning and function over the course of 4 weeks.


Class Structure: Each class will start with a dynamic warm-up and mobility routine followed by an activation and priming exercise to prepare for the strength aspect of the class (squat or hinge). There will also be a strength circuit consisting of push, pull and single leg work followed by a conditioning circuit and core/balance work. This is a progressive class that is programmed in 4 week phases, and will build each week as strength and skill is gained. This class is meant for all levels and can be modified to fit your current athletic ability. If you are new to strength training this will give you a strong foundation of technique and sound movement patterns. If you already have experience in the gym, this class will be a great way to continue building strength and endurance and improve your technique. Class size is limited to 4 people to ensure our ability to watch technique, give each client personal attention and offer any exercise modifications needed. 

Fitness Workout


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